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Doorway Awnings


A doorway awning is a popular solution many of our customers use for a small cover over their entry door. Made using a welded aluminum frame, these awnings are built to stay up year round and provide protection from all four seasons. The awning also serves a second purpose protecting your door and even some light fixtures, prolonging their lifespan and use on your home.

We offer these awnings in all our acrylic fabric selections that can be found in our Materials section.

Available options:

• Limitless designs. We work with your home!

• Hundreds of awning fabrics to choose from.

• Aluminum frame work and stainless hardware on all our frames.

• Optional anodized aluminum piping and fully welded framework.

• With your welded frame, you will not have to have your awning taken down yearly, but the option is still available.

• On site, climate controlled storage for your awnings in the off season.

• Your whole awning is fabricated at our shop, from the frame to the fabric.

• 10 Year fabric warranties on all our fabric selections.

Please contact us today to arrange your free estimate.


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