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A restaurant awning lets you make use of one of the best parts of living where we do, the ability to have waterfront views no matter what island you find yourself on in South Jersey. Being able to take an outdoor patio or deck and use it to serve clients and add seating to your restaurant is another great option we are able to put together for you. From canopy covers to shield your customers from the sun and seagulls to being able to add side walls to protect them from the elements, we’re able to fabricate anything your mind can come up with. We are able to cover small areas all the way through to creating a whole new outdoor experience your business has yet to have. Contact us today to start your design process.

Main Awning Benefits:

• Custom built specifically for your application.

• Hundreds of acrylic fabrics and even commercial vinyl material options to choose from.

• We can add graphics to correspond with your branding.

• Motorized or manually operated roll up walls can be built in to your frame.

• Entry way doors where needed.

• Add seating and looks all from one new awning.

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