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Custom Retractable Awnings, Canopies and Cabanas in Ocean City NJ

An awning or canopy can totally transform your home’s outdoor spaces, creating all new areas to enjoy or just adding some refreshing shade to your existing porch, deck or patio. And with a huge variety of canopy and awning styles and fabrics to choose from, our selection of Atlantic County awnings is second to none. We serve both residential and commercial customers in Ocean City with the highest quality custom shading products.

Ocean City Residential Awnings

We fabricate and install a wide range of shading and awning products for Ocean City homeowners, including retractable awnings, canopies, cabanas, drops, doorway awnings and window awnings.

The benefits of retractable awnings go far beyond the comfort they provide. They can also add more curb appeal to your home, better enjoyment of your outdoor areas, and better energy savings because they can shield your home from the heat of the sun. Window awnings can help protect your drapes, upholstery, carpet and furnishings from sun damage, too.

Our retractable awnings are all fabricated in our own facilities, using aluminum framework and stainless hardware on all our items. You can also choose to have your awning built using anodized aluminum piping and a fully welded framework. Both manual and motorized retractable awnings are available. With so many options, it’s easy to find a retractable awning solution that fits your style, needs and budget.

Just about any part of your home that needs more shade and protection from the sun can benefit from our shading products. In addition to our awnings, we can install canopy awnings with or without sides that can transform your hot, sunny deck or other area into a cool outdoor sitting room. Drop shades, also known as drops, can shield your patio or deck from wind, sun or bugs, creating a more comfortable sitting area. And door and window awnings provide just the shade you need, just where you need it — and can help protect your doors and light fixtures, too.

Need a free-standing source of shade by the pool or on your patio? Ask us about our chic cabanas. Your backyard will suddenly become your favorite part of the house!

Because we design your canopy or retractable awning to fit your home, unlimited styles and colors are available. We use the best fabrics in our industry, from leading brands like Sunbrella, Tempotest, Dickson, and Recacril. Many colors and patterns are available to create just the right effect, and they are all made from durable fabric that keeps its good looks under the sun’s harsh rays, year after year.

Ocean City Awnings for Businesses

Whether you need a storefront awning or a patio awning for your restaurant’s outdoor dining area, our Ocean City awnings offer plenty of options — and they can include your logo, colors and branding for a consistent look.

Whether your awning is vinyl or acrylic material, we can apply logos and lettering. You’ll enjoy the protection from the weather that a good awning can provide, plus branding that makes your business stand out and helps attract customers.

As with our residential awnings, our commercial awnings in Ocean City are custom-built in our facilities using the highest quality frames and fabrics. Since we design the awning especially for your building and have many patterns and colors of fabric to choose from, your options are pretty much unlimited!

Off-Season Storage

Residential and commercial awnings get you through the hottest, brightest days of the year, so treat them right in the colder months. We recommend taking down awnings when the weather turns cold, since heavy snowfall can damage them. If you don’t have a place to store your awnings in-house, we offer the perfect climate-controlled awning storage for our customers.

We can also advise you on how to maintain and clean your awnings so they have a good, long life of providing comfort and shade.

With more than 90 years and 4 generations of experience building custom awnings in southern New Jersey, Berges Awning Inc. is the ideal choice for homeowners and businesses who need beautiful, durable Ocean City awnings, canopies, and other shading solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our quality products or to get a quote!