Custom Retractable Awnings, Canopies and Cabanas in Stone Harbor NJ

Custom Retractable Awnings, Canopies and Cabanas in Ocean City NJ
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Custom Retractable Awnings, Canopies and Cabanas in Stone Harbor NJ

Adding a retractable awning to your home can provide you with more comfortable outdoor spaces, a better place for entertaining friends and family, more curb appeal for your home, and even some benefits you might not have thought of — such as energy savings and protection for your indoor furnishings from the sun’s harsh rays!

Berges Awning Inc. is an awning manufacturer that has been in business for over 90 years. We offer Stone Harbor NJ awnings, canopies, doorway covers, cabanas and more for both home and business owners. We also serve Sea Isle City and other areas in southern New Jersey, offering the best custom shading products in our service area with a wide variety of options.

Residential Awnings in Stone Harbor NJ

A retractable awning is a smart move when it comes to home improvement, because an awning can completely transform a blazing hot patio, porch or deck into a cool and comfortable sitting area — adding more usable space to your home.

We can install either motorized or manual retractable awnings. And when it comes to fabrics, there are a lot to choose from! We use the highest quality fabrics from the leading manufacturers, including Sunbrella, Tempotest, Dickson, and Recacril.

Our Stone Harbor residential awnings are versatile and made to fit your home and your lifestyle. In addition to awnings for your deck or patio, we also offer window awnings and doorway awnings. These smaller awnings help keep your home cooler, keep bright light from blazing in during the hottest part of the day, and protect your doors and windows from the elements. They also look great!

Want more shade when you’re lounging by the pool? We also offer cabanas that can make your poolside experience more comfortable and impress your pool party or backyard barbecue guests.

Every awning is handcrafted in our facility using the most durable and long-lasting materials and the best equipment. Even the thread we use, GORE® TENARA® Sewing Thread, is the best in the business. Our awnings, canopies and cabanas are built to last, to keep their good looks for years, and to handle the elements so you don’t have to! Contact us for a free in home estimate.

Commercial Awnings in Stone Harbor NJ

If you’re a business owner in Stone Harbor or Sea Isle City, NJ, Berges Awning can add interest and comfort to your business with our commercial awnings, restaurant canopy covers, and other custom shading products.

Restaurants can add more outdoor seating, so your customers can enjoy good food and a great view while you benefit from being able to serve more clients during the tourist season. Our restaurant canopies are very versatile because they are made to fit your building and your application.

Retail businesses can also benefit from our commercial awnings. We can add storefront awnings that use your company’s branding to help advertise your business while keeping it cooler inside. From the color of the awning to the lettering and logo, we can create commercial awnings that are a perfect fit for your brand and your building.

Other Stone Harbor Awning Services

Our retractable awning experts can advise you on the care, cleaning and maintenance of your awnings and canopies, and we offer take down and climate controlled storage of your awnings to protect them from snow damage in the colder months.

Contact us today for a free estimate on all your residential or commercial awning needs in Stone Harbor, Sea Isle City and the surrounding areas.